*3 — Steve Antuono, 6-0, G

15 — Zion Bunney, 5-11, G

*12 — Caden Crizer, 6-0, G

*11 — Peyton O'Brien, 6-1, F

23 — Gareth Poole, 6-0, G

*1 — Alexander Roth, 6-2, G/F

*20 — Milo Sesti, 5-9, G

*22 — Anthony Spadafore, 6-4, F 

31 — Carson Sroka, 5-10, G  


0 — Grady Smith, 5-10, G


4 — Colten Crizer, 5-10, G

10 — Darius Custer, 5-10, G

40 — Aydin Kline, 5-10, G

*35 — Joseph Roth, 6-5, C

5 — Ryan Widmaier, 5-10, G

2 — Nathan Williams, 6-0, G


21 — William Nardone, 5-10, G 

HEAD COACH: Steve Antuono


Heavy lies the crown for Ellwood City Lincoln High’s boys basketball team.

The Wolverines return looking to defend the WPIAL Class 3A championship they captured last season.

The Wolverines won the WPIAL Class 3A championship against South Allegheny. Ellwood went on to the PIAA Class 3A quarterfinals and were defeated by two points against Brookville.

“Last year was a blessing, we won the WPIAL championship,” Ellwood coach Steve Antuono said. “This year is a different journey, I do have my top four guys back, but we’re trying to replace pieces, there are players we’re trying to put together and find out who they are and build chemistry.”

Steve Antuono, the coach’s son, is a returning senior for the Wolverines. Antuono enters the 2021-2022 season with 918 career points.

Senior Alexander Roth returns for Ellwood with a total of 621 career points, averaging 15 points per game.

“Milo Sesti, Steve Antuono, Joe Roth and Alexander Roth those are our top four guys, three of those guys started as ninth graders, they’re seniors now,” Coach Antuono said. “Joe Roth obviously is a special player he put us over the top, he’s a sophomore this year, he’s big bodied and skilled.

“So, those four guys are back and like I said we’re trying to mesh together and build some chemistry with some new guys.”

Sophomore Joe Roth will enter this season with 368 overall career points. Roth averaged 18 points a game last season alongside Antuono.

“Those four kids, their chemistry and playing together for so long,” Coach Antuono said, commenting on Ellwood’s strengths. “Senior leadership by far, we’re a senior-driven team. Just very unselfish kids, they genuinely like each other so they’re coachable.”

The Wolverines have 17 players on their current roster. The majority of the roster is nine seniors followed by six sophomores.

“We’re still Ellwood City, we’re going to use it as motivation, we’re still hunting,” Coach Antuono said. “We’re starting a new year...chip on the shoulder, we’re going out to prove that we built something here and we’re trying to compete.”

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