The penalties continue to mount for Frank Colavecchia. Colavecchia, the father of Shenango High's starting quarterback Rocco Colavecchia, has now been banned for life from attending any activity taking place at Mars High School by the Mars school board. "The school board made the decision and they are not real pleased, that's why they passed that motion," Planets' coach Scott Heinauer said. "This isn't something that's rare, people have earned bans like this." Heinauer is also the athletic director at Mars. The ban has a particularly stinging effect for Frank Colavecchia because he has another son, Joe Colavecchia, who is a freshman multi-sport athlete at Shenango. Joe Colavecchia is listed as a quarterback/defensive back on the football roster. On Sept. 13, Frank Colavecchia filmed a portion of the Planets' football practice. He later converted the tape to a DVD and passed it along to Wildcats coach Brian Cooper. However, Cooper said he destroyed the DVD without watching it and Frank Colavecchia said his son never watched the film, either. "It's an unfortunate set of circumstances," Heinauer said. "The Mars school district feels strongly and they are taking actions and they don't want this to happen ever again. "It's an unethical scenario and it's not moral; it's just not something you do. It's awful, but obviously the school board felt it was appropriate to take these actions." Frank Colavecchia's actions earned him a two-game ban from the Shenango administrators from attending last Saturday's 34-8 win over Cornell and this Saturday's home matchup with Union. "It is unfortunate but these steps have to be necessary," Heinauer said. "I don't want people video taping my practice. I'm going to have to identify people now. "It's a shame it has to go to this point." Heinauer said Frank Colavecchia identified himself as a scout representing Ohio University. Two days later, Rocco Colavecchia shredded the Mars secondary for 457 yards on 31-of-52 passing with four touchdowns and three interceptions in a 41-35 upset victory. "I'm at practice now looking in people's cars and I shouldn't have to do these things," Heinauer said. "This is what it has come down to; they'll (parents) do whatever it takes to get ahead or gain an advantage." Though it's a frustrating set of circumstances for Heinauer, he doesn't have any hard feelings for the Shenango community. "I have nothing against their kids, coaches, players or anyone," he said. "A parent took it into his own hands and that's the way it is." Frank Colavecchia did not return a message left for him last night by The News.

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