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Following are the District 10 All-Region All-Star teams (name, school, grade, position) involving Mercer County area teams as by voting of coaches. The list is compiled by the Erie Times-News. 


First team


Nate Miller, Reynolds, 9, TE

Ian Taylor, Mercer, 12, TE

Brice Butler, Farrell, 11, WR

Brian Hilton, Farrell, 12, WR

Eddie Lowe, West Middlesex, 11, WR

Ray Raver, Farrell, 12, QB

Anthony Stallworth, Farrell, 10, RB

Zeb Rubaker, West Middlesex, 12, RB

Jaden Harrison, Farrell, 11, AP

Melvin Hobson, Farrell, 12, OL

Gary Satterwhite, Farrell, 11, OL

Gary Hopson, Farrell, 12, OL

Luke Faber, Reynolds, 11, OL

Chase Tomko, West Middlesex, 12, OL

Special teams

Brian Hilton, Farrell, 12, K

Rocco John-Daniello, Reynolds, 11, P


Melvin Hobson, Farrell, 12, DL

Zeb Rubaker, West Middlesex, 12, DL

Evan Miller, Reynolds, 12, DL

Luke Faber, Reynolds, 11, DL

Gary Hopson, Farrell, 12, DL

Adrian Daniels, Farrell, 12, DL

Tyree Hammonds, Farrell, 12, LB

Cole Toy, Reynolds, 11, LB

Aidan Bright, Mercer, 11, LB

Chase Tomko, West Middlesex, 12, LB

Taidon Strickland, Farrell, 10, LB

Dwight Ravenscraft, Farrell, 12, LB

Anthony Jackson, Farrell, 10, LB

Juwon Samuels, Farrell, 12, DB

Ray Raver, Farrell, 12, DB

Brice Butler, Farrell, 11, DB

Sean O’Hara, Reynolds, 12, DB

Eddie Lowe, West Middlesex, 11, DB

Second team


Luca Tofani, Reynolds, 11, WR

Zander Winkle, Reynolds, 12, WR

Bryce McCloskey, Reynolds, 12, QB

Cole Toy, Reynolds, 11, RB

Sean O’Hara, Reynolds, 12, RB

Aidan Bright, Mercer, 11, AP

Adrian Daniels, Farrell, 12, OL

Evan Miller, Reynolds, 12, OL

Noah Weiser, West Middlesex, 12, OL

Josh Bender, West Middlesex, 12, OL

Dominic Bertolasio, Reynolds, 12, OL

Special teams

Logan Turton, Mercer, 10, K

Sean O’Hara, Reynolds, 12, K

Brian Hilton, Farrell, 12, P


Rocco John-Daniello, Reynolds, 11, DL

Logan Conner, Mercer, 12, DL

Brian Hilton, Farrell, 12, DL

Noah Weiser, West Middlesex, 12, DL

Bryce McCloskey, Reynolds, 12, LB

Mason Hesselgesser, Mercer, 11, LB

Gabe Wiley, Mercer, 12, LB

PJ Boggs, Mercer, 12, LB

Luca Tofani, Reynolds, 11, DB

Alex Rea, West Middlesex, 11, DB

Marion Odem, Farrell, 11, DB

Todd Ellis, Mercer, 12, DB

Region champion: Farrell

Region Player of the Year: Zeb Rubaker, West Middlesex



First team


Justin Harbaugh, Greenville, 12, TE

Blair Paxton, Greenville, 12, WR

Junior McConahy, Wilmington, 12, WR

Caelan Bender, Wilmington, 11, QB

Tristan Besser, Sharpsville, 12, RB

Darren Miller, Wilmington, 11, RB

Ethan Susen, Wilmington, 11, AP

Jon Takash, Wilmington, 12, OL

Aaron Solderich, Greenville, 12, OL

Jacob Chimiak, Wilmington, 11, OL

Morgan Whiting, Wilmington, 11, OL

Connor Vass-Gal, Wilmington, 11, OL

Wyatt Caldwell, Sharpsville, 12, OL

Special teams

Daniel Hartwell, Wilmington, 11, K

Rufus Byler, Greenville, 11, P


Junior McConahy, Wilmington, 12, DL

Morgan Whiting, Wilmington, 11, DL

Weston Phanco, Wilmington, 11, DL

Jacob Chimiak, Wilmington, 11, DL

Justin Harbaugh, Greenville, 12, DL

Aaron Solderich, Greenville, 12, DL

Jon King, Greenville, 12, LB

Kaleb Achuff, Greenville, 12, LB

Darren Miller, Wilmington, 11, LB

Shane Cox, Wilmington, 12, LB

Joshua Stephenson, Sharpsville, 12, LB

Rufus Byler, Greenville, 11, DB

Tristan Besser, Sharpsville, 12, DB

Braxton Shimrack, Wilmington, 11, DB

Caelan Bender, Wilmington, 11, DB

Ethan Susen, Wilmington, 11, DB

Second team


Shane Cox, Wilmington, 12, TE

Jadan Townsend, Sharpsville, 10, WR

Mason Reed, Wilmington, 11, WR

Jon King, Greenville, 11, QB

Danny Henwood, Sharpsville, 11, QB

Kaleb Achuff, Greenville, 12, RB

Chris Roth, Sharpsville, 10, RB

Joshua Stephenson Sharpsville, 12, OL

Weston Phanco, Wilmington, 11, OL

Griffin Richardson, Greenville, 11, OL

Brayden Difrischia, Greenville, 11, OL

Lane Fry, Greenville, 11, OL

Devin McCurry, Sharpsville, 11, OL

Tyler Clary, Sharpsville, 12, OL

Special teams

Justin Stuyvesant, Greenville, 12, K

Caelan Bender, Wilmington, 11, P


Wyatt Caldwell, Sharpsville, 12, DL

Jacob Rust, Sharpsville, 10, DL

Devin McCurry, Sharpsville, 11, DL

Griffin Richardson Greenville, 11, DL

Ross Swartz, Greenville, 11, DL

Isaac DeVault, Lakeview, 11, LB

Cole Karpinski, Greenville, 10, LB

Skyler Sholler, Wilmington, 10, LB

Danny Henwood, Sharpsville, 11, DB

Jadan Townsend, Sharpsville, 10, DB

Mason Reed, Wilmington, 11, DB

Isaac Sasala, Greenville, 11, DB

Region champion: Wilmington

Region Player of the Year: Junior McConahy, Wilmington



First team


Noah Richardson, Conneaut, 12, TE

Jake Reddick, Grove City, 12, WR

Ramarion Whitehead, Hickory, 10, WR

Ty Eilam, Sharon, 12, WR

Lane Voytik, Sharon, 12, QB

Colby Nelson, Grove City, 12, RB

Nathan Hyatt, Slippery Rock, 12, AP

Tanner Niemann, Conneaut, 12, AP

Matt Howard, Grove City, 11, OL

Lance Craig, Grove City, 12, OL

Zach Kehl, Conneaut, 11, OL

Noah Weese, Sharon, 12, OL

Cody Hall, Slippery Rock, 12, OL

Michael Trinchese, Hickory, 11, OL

Special teams

Nathaniel Willison, Slippery Rock, 12, K

Noah Richardson, Conneaut, 12, P


Corte Williams, Sharon, 12, DL

Zach Kehl, Conneaut, 11, DL

Gabriel Smithbauer, Slippery Rock, 12, DL

Dalton Beatty, Hickory, 11, DL

Lance Craig, Grove City, 12, DL

Noah Richardson, Conneaut, 12, LB

Vito Pilosi, Slippery Rock, 12, LB

Jake Reddick, Grove City, 12, LB

Doron Johnson, Sharon, 12, LB

Tanner Niemann, Conneaut, 12, DB

Michael Henwood, Hickory, 11, DB

Matt Cannone, Hickory, 11, DB

Ty Eilam, Sharon, 12, DB

Zach Rodgers, Grove City, 10, DB

Second team


Rocco Iacino, Hickory, 11, TE

Marcel Smith-Austin, Sharon, 12, WR

Nathan Richards, Hickory, 12, WR

Eli Boyce, Conneaut, 12, WR

Michael Henwood, Hickory, 11, QB

David Duffalo, Slippery Rock, 12, RB

Matt Cannone, Hickory, 11, AP

Gage Dlugonski, Grove City, 10, OL

Bryce Carroll, Sharon, 10, OL

Andrew Price, Sharon, 11, OL

Dalton Beatty, Hickory, 11, OL

Zach Marini, Slippery Rock, 12, OL

Jesse Orr, Conneaut, 11, OL

Special teams

John Hake, Grove City, 10, K

Nathaniel Willison, Slippery Rock, 12, P


Tony Pilosi, Slippery Rock, 10, DL

Matt Howard, Grove City, 11, DL

Bailey Phillips, Hickory, 12, DL

Trevor Tursky, Conneaut, 11, DL

Thomas Dawson, Sharon, 11, DL

Rocco Iacino, Hickory, 11, LB

Hunter Stoots, Hickory, 12, LB

Zach Martin, Grove City, 11, LB

David Duffalo, Slippery Rock, 12, LB

Sayyid Muhammad, Grove City, 10, DB

Nathan Hyatt, Slippery Rock, 12, DB

Trey Jones, Sharon, 12, DB

Kam Fisher, Hickory, 12, DB

Region co-champions: Hickory, Sharon

Region Player of the Year: Lane Voytik, Sharon

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