PITTSBURGH — Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jason Gildon was charged with simple assault for an alleged bar fight.

Gildon, 33, of Franklin Park, was arraigned Wednesday on simple assault and harassment and was released on his own recognizance, said his attorney, Robert Del Greco Jr.

Authorities said Todd Arthrell told them that Gildon punched him above the eye in a unisex restroom at a bar while the two were arguing May 13. Arthrell’s companion, Rachel E. Hobson, said Gildon stepped on her foot, causing a hairline fracture and contusion.

“Jason does not deny he was involved in a bit of a scuffle, but certainly was not the initiator of the scuffle and certainly was warranted in defending himself,” Del Greco said.

Del Greco called the arrest “unfortunate,” saying police were called to the bar when the incident happened, questioned people and didn’t charge anyone at the time.

Gildon found out from media on Tuesday night that there was an arrest warrant out for him, and he immediately made arrangements to surrender Wednesday, Del Greco said.

In 2003, charges of disorderly conduct and defiant trespass were dropped after Gildon completed community service. Authorities said he had refused to leave a nightclub after being told he didn’t meet the dress code.

Gildon played linebacker for the Steelers from 1994-2003, then went to the Jacksonville Jaguars. He retired in 2004.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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