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Members of Girl Scout troops 36675, 36642 and 46836 in Grove City color images as part of their upcoming cookie drive. The scouts will collect donations for birthday bags, which will be provided to the Grove City Community Food Pantry later this year.

GROVE CITY — When people see the Girl Scouts out and about this year selling cookies, they will probably be thinking about which kind to buy, such as the Thin Mints or the Samoas.

This year even has a new kind, called the “Lemon-Ups,” which, as the name suggests, are lemon-flavored, said scout Sophie Klonowski, 14.

“It’s pretty much like a sugar cookie, except I believe they put some lemon in the dough, and it also has like a glaze on the top,” she said.

And while some of the proceeds will go toward things such as service projects or camping trips, 2020 will be the fourth year that the Grove City Girl Scouts will collect donations for birthday bags, which will be provided to the Grove City Community Food Pantry later this year, Volunteer Support Specialist Stacey Keating said.

The bags are filled with items including cake mix, icing, decorations and a toy for children who might otherwise not be able to celebrate their birthdays, Troop 36675 Leader Morgan Stevens said.

“Last year we were able to get together 500 bags,” she said.

The Girl Scouts began selling their cookies on Jan. 10, and National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is Feb. 28 through March 1. Booth sales will begin on Feb. 28, with the final day of the program on March 22, according to the Girl Scouts’ calendar.

Normally the Grove City Girl Scout troops combined are able to sell about 11,500 boxes of cookies, Troop 36642 Leader Beth Klonowski said.

“This year, our (troop’s) goal is 4,000 boxes,” said Abigail Klonowski, 11, of Troop 36675.

Once all the donations for the bags have been collected, the girls form into different stations in Stevens’ home where they pack the bags, a process that Beth said only takes about an hour and a half. However, scout Jorja Stevens, 12, said the process doesn’t feel like work at all.

“We talk to each other while we’re working. We make it fun,” she said.

The bags are also decorated individually by the Girl Scouts as well, which scout Willow Kendziorski, 14, said gives each bag a personalized touch for whoever receives it.

“You can be creative with the bags, so you can design them how you want,” she said.

The Girl Scouts take the bags to the Grove City Community Food Pantry, where they are later passed out with the pantry’s food distribution, Keating said.

“I think it’s a really good thing for the community,” said scout Madelyn Sheffel, 14.

DONATIONS for the birthday bags are due by Feb. 14. For more information, contact Stevens at 724-877-7326.

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