Eighth-grade students at New Castle Christian Academy and exchange student William Terracina of Panama used their time outside yesterday morning to build a snowman. Laurel Michalek, Justine Shaffer, Terracina, Jake Cochran, Amanda Lubich and Allison Schaubroeck stand with their creation.

For William Terracina, it wasn’t the first big snow of the season.

It was the first big snow of a lifetime.

The 14-year-old resident of Panama gets enough fun in the sun in his homeland, where he said the average temperature is 86. “It’s hot all the time,” said William, who didn’t seem very concerned that frigid weather was forecast for later in the week.

He was thrilled to take part in making and throwing snowballs and helping to build a 7-foot snowman with Barb Sochor’s eighth-grade class at New Castle Christian Academy during a morning recess yesterday.

William is an exchange student, attending NCCA through the end of the month. He is staying with his relatives in Pulaski. His cousin, Grant Dieter, is a first-grader at the school.

It was William’s decision to leave the warm weather behind and travel to New Castle during his school’s summer break.

“I wanted to practice my English and make more friends,” William said as he searched his pockets for a missing glove during a break in the fun.

He didn’t seem the least bit cold and Sochor said she hadn’t seen William smile so much during the first week of classes as he had during his brief time outside.

William has already passed ninth grade in Panama, but is attending eighth-grade classes here because that’s the top grade at the Christian Academy.

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