Y, mentors driving force behind Diamond Girls

Editor, The News:

On behalf of the New Castle YMCA Diamond Girls Program, we would like to thank you for the wonderful article that appeared in the June 13 New Castle News highlighting the events and programs of the Diamond Girls his past year. We would also like to thank Maria McKee, director of the New Castle YMCA, and Michele Swogger, senior director membership engagement, for their continued support of this mentoring program.

Through the efforts of the YMCA, The Diamond Girls have this year toured our state Capitol building in Harrisburg and met with our local and state legislators. They have also been invited to participate this July in the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit at the University of San Diego, where they will attend a week-long program with high school students from around the world learning leadership skills. We are very proud of these young women — Tamya Alvarado, Katelynn DeBourelando, Montana Pastore, Paydon Greathouse, Kenisha Jackson, Cabraya Mathews, Alexis Madison, Ka’Mari Moore, Davion Blanchard, Kellie Rice, Alyvia Griffin and Amelia Ford — who have participated in a variety of events and volunteer programs representing the program while working hard to maintain their academic status on the New Castle High School honor and high honor rolls.

The success of this program is attributed to the generous, ongoing and dedicated support of our mentors, many of whom have been with the program since our first group of Diamond Girls over 15 years ago. These women are Paulette Booker, Robin Session, Rebecca Reed, Colleen Chamberland, Lettie Booker, Belinda Booker, Barb Harper, Anita McKeever, Sharon Smith, Jennifer Nicholson, Octavia Payne and Michele Perelman.

The New Castle YMCA Diamond Girls program is open to young ladies now entering 10th grade. Interested young women may learn more about the program by calling Michele Swogger at the New Castle YMCA, (724) 658-4766.

Michele Perelman

Octavia Payne

Co-founders and directors

New Castle YMCA

Diamond Girls 

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