Editor, The News: I’m writing about the fight between the police and The News over a computer. I don’t know who is right. But what is right legally and what is right morally are not always the same thing. Thank God we have judges and lawmakers to protect the rights of the innocent and a free press that gets outraged when these rights are taken away. I can’t wait until the local and national media find out that the rights of almost 50 million babies have ended with their abortions. Because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantee the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I’m sure this news will make our editors furious. I look forward to another long letter by the vice president of The News’ parent company when he gets the news. Surely the violations of the rights of 50 million babies are just as important to him as the right of his reporter to secretly tape record an interview. But then again, why should he and our honorable lawmakers care; babies don’t buy newspapers, vote or pay taxes. Frank B. Mastrangelo New Castle

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