What habits do you have?

Editor, the News:

All of us have annoying habits which we usually deny.

I watch folks at elevators pushing the button at least three times, expecting it to go faster. Wait 30 seconds and they do it again as if their first three pushes weren’t enough.

I am annoyed by phone surveys. I had one the other day about banking. She said do you bank at a certain bank (my mother did but I don’t), but I said “yes.” She then said, “Do you remember the last transaction you had there (the last was in 2012) but I said, “yes.” “What was it?” she asked. I said, “I robbed it.”

Drivers in parking lots of stores driving around and around looking for a spot closer to the entrance.

Organic foods. People think the farmer loaded up his wagon to drop off items to market tells the produce manager they are pure. Nowhere near the truth. There is virtually nothing that prevents manufacturers from adding the word organic and you believe them. The USDA has a narrow policy but it’s not working.

I notice a lot of people read nutritional labels and know nothing what they are looking at. To prove it, buy your favorite candy bar, and on paper list the ingredients and what does it do to the bar. Don’t use Google ... bet you get less than 10 percent right.

People at the meat counter feeling and looking at beef, not knowing the difference between a cow and a steer. 

People becoming addicted to the weather. They talk about it constantly, and I told someone it’s raining so I’m not climbing Everest tomorrow, what do you think?

Political opinions from people that can hardly read headlines.

Pharma drug ads showing happy, healthy people while they give you reasons not to buy.

Bruce Waldman

New Castle

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