We all need to relax

It is almost humorous to me when I hear or read the doomsday scenarios that are painted by the Biden camp of a Trump win and of the Trump camp’s vision of a Biden win. Relax people. We will survive no matter who wins. We survived the George Bush Jr. administration and his criminal war associates of Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, etc., when they launched a first-strike aggressive war for a fabricated reason. It cost our country thousands of needless deaths, trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths and ruined that country’s economic, religious and political stability. 

Neither a Biden or a Trump administration will be that inept. If you believe a Biden administration will lead to communism or the second amendment rights being taken away, I suggest you research what communism is and expand your understanding of the checks and balances of a president. If you believe a Trump administration will lead to tyranny and abuse of power then I suggest you study the origins of the U.S. Constitution and read it in its entirety. Real issues are a $14 trillion deficit on the national debt — which candidate has the temerity to cut our military spending and have our 30 NATO allies increase their defense dollars? Who can beset handled Japan and China when they call in and question our debt they hold? Which candidate can best handled COVID-19 and keep the American economy running?

At this point, those issues should be what voters are thinking about. Make your choice and relax — we will be OK!

Mark Elisco

New Castle

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