Editor, The News:

Money in government is always a big issue — where to get it, how to spend it, who receives it.

Talk of the town for now is how to cut and tax us. Well, same old same.

Here is my idea: Let’s start with the president. He should not get on Air Force One that costs about $1 million of our money to do a photo op or give a speech to get what he thinks is best for the country passed. He should not get them together by spending more of our money on lunches and dinners. If they are not doing that, they need our money for their cars, hotels and meals.

Let’s start there and do the job the old fashioned way. They should go to the House and Senate and talk to each other and work something out and this time really do it for the good of us.

Rand Paul did that and it didn’t cost us anything but his wage for doing the job his was sent to Congress, while others went to another expensive dinner to pat themselves on the back and said, “hey look at us we’re talking and I’m being a leader” and spending more unnecessary money.

President Obama should go to work and do his job, not for three days a week for one month then have to take a 10-day vacation because he doesn’t want to talk except to the press to try making the other ones look bad.

One more thing: Obama should stop spending our money on golfing with celebrities like Tiger Woods. We at home budget. Why can’t he? Washington.

Ron McKee

Old Hickory Road

New Castle

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