Trump had nation thriving before pandemic

Editor, The News:

Before the COVID-19 virus, look where President Donald Trump had taken us despite the mess he inherited:

•Instituted middle-class tax cuts, while making filling out our tax returns easier and faster.

•Cut staggering over-regulation and red tape, resulting in economic growth, employment growth and wage growth, including record Black, Hispanic and women’s employment.

•Historic judicial reform, appointing nearly 200 pro-Constitution federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices, to uphold our Constitution as written by our founders. Also nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the present vacancy

•Started dismantling the worst parts of Obamacare and provided affordable alternatives to reduce premiums by as much as 60 percent for millions of Americans.

•Began and continues construction of a secure border wall to stem the tide of illegal immigration that is costing billions every year in taxpayer-funded benefits.

•Stopped taxpayer funding of sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens.

•Defeated ISIS and eliminated the top radical Islamic terrorist masterminds.

•Built our U.S. military and restored America’s defenses to the strongest they have been in years.

•Brought back to America manufacturing jobs that had gone overseas.

•Energy independence: We are now the No. 1 producer of oil in the world and no longer dependent on Middle East oil.

•Massive overhaul in the Veterans Administration and enacting the Veterans Choice Act to ensure our vets can get medical treatment swiftly instead of dying on waiting lists.

•Moved our embassy to Jerusalem to let the world know that Israel is our No. 1 ally in the Middle East.

•Brokered a treaty between the Palestinians and the Israelis — and so much more.

John C. Watt

New Castle

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