Recently, a former Republican from North Beaver Township wrote a letter to The News ranting against Congressman Mike Kelly. In the letter, he twice accused President Trump of “lies and misinformation.”

As is usually the case when accusations are made against President Trump, there were not any specifics, just the accusation. CNN, MSNBC and some editorials in this newspaper have done the same thing. 

Please pause a moment to think about what happened the last four years. Did President Trump “lie and misinform” the people when he said:

China is our biggest problem, and he would stand up against China by imposing huge tariffs? No, he did not.

He would work to improve life in minority communities? No, he did not.

He would improve the American economy for everyone? No, he did not.

He would improve our military, raise their pay and take better care of our veterans? No, he did not. 

He would achieve the lowest unemployment rate in decades? No, he did not. 

He would build a wall and drastically reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming into our country? No, he did not.

He would bring hundreds of corporations from overseas back to America? No he did not.

He would support the efforts of our police departments to maintain law and order in America? No, he did not.

He would not enter new wars and bring back thousands of our troops? No, he did not.

He would use Project Warp Speed to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 before the end of 2020? No, he did not. 

So, in the little time he had left from the above and many accomplishments, exactly how did he “lie and misinform” America and what negative effects did it have on our everyday life? 

Lew Grell


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