Tim Ryan’s concern is for

the people, not politics

Editor, The News:

Reading your paper one would get the impression all Democrats are leftist. This is not true.

A Mahoning Valley congressman who never sought the limelight being content to stay in the U.S. Congress representing his working class district is now running for president of the U.S. He’s running to represent and speak out about the issues ordinary people want to hear about here in the Midwest. He got tired of politicians who say you can’t be for business and labor. You can’t be for small towns and big cities. You can’t be for rural areas and farmers. Tim Ryan knows you can. He represents all the people in his district.

Youngstown was chosen as the first America Makes (the future of manufacturing) by the Obama administration. This was accomplished with the effort of Tim Ryan and others and the local business community.

Ryan supports public and private partnerships. Tax codes to incentivize industrial policy.

If he is elected, he would never forget the working class people and the place he has come from.

He may be a long shot for the moment, but I believe in him.

Becky Neal

New Castle

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