Those who rely on state police should pay for them

Editor, The News:

While no one likes paying taxes, the Commonwealth proposing that those municipalities which do not have their own police department pay a per capita tax to help fund the state police on whom they rely is not an unreasonable solution to the funding problem.

Residents of municipalities who do have a police department are taxed for that service and taxed as well for the state police. Those residents are now subsidizing the municipalities without a police force.

Other options for state police dependent municipalities exist. They could create their own full or part- time police department or join other municipalities and share the cost.

If the cost for either solution was researched and put before the voters, the voters most likely would choose the state proposed per capita tax which, according to The News, ranges from $8 to $178 with the larger communities paying the higher amount.

Unfortunately, raising taxes is sometimes necessary. However, considering that some of the affected municipalities have not raised taxes for years, a per capita tax is not an unreasonable solution.

Municipal meetings are not well attended. But, if elected officials were asked before they passed their budgets what services their constituents told them they were willing to eliminate to reduce taxes or voiced their approval for a tax increase to pay for services, the majority, if not all, will tell you “none.”

Elizabeth Verterano

New Wilmington

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