The old Democratic party has been hijacked

Editor, The News:

Communism is here! During the last mid-term election process I carried this sign: “A vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for a Communist/Socialist.” Every day now we see evidence of this.

Speaker Pelosi says the “wall” on our southern border would be “immoral” … though the Democrats supported such an obstruction until President Trump was elected. How many of these Democrats have walls surrounding their present homes.

The icing on the cake just took place by Gov. Cuomo (New York) and Gov. Northam of Virginia that just tried to justify the murder of a baby. Cuomo just signed a bill to allow abortions up the the day of birth. Northam, a medical doctor, tried to justify the murder of a baby after its birth. This is true Communism at work.

How many of the potential Democratic candidates are now publicly supporting “free stuff” for everyone? That is true Communism. Someone will have to pay for free health care, education and access to all social benefits now provided by our government — even illegals now in this country. Are American taxpayers ready to foot the bill for all of these leftist policies planned by this Democratic agenda?

This present Democratic Party is not the party of just one decade ago — the party that used to be for the middle class. That Democratic Party does not exist today if you listen to the platforms of the Democrats that plan to unseat President Trump.

The old Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by closet Communists.

Any politician that runs as a Democrat is enabling the Communistic policies espoused by the Democratic Presidential Candidates now running for the 2020 presidential election. When will true Democrats say “enough” and re-take control of one of the two political parties that control political activities in our country?

Russ Hall

New Castle

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