The conservative case

for a carbon tax

Editor, The News:

The climate crisis, with its incredible heatwave in Europe, terrible drought in India, and unrelenting rain in our Midwest, shouldn’t be a political issue. But we all know that it is. Look no further than what’s happening in Oregon to realize that.

Resistance to doing something about the crisis is coming primarily from the conservative side of the political spectrum. And so a recent article from Bloomberg News, The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax, offers some ideas on how to find common cause with those reluctant to do something about a warming planet.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA, H.R.763, is supported by Citizens’ Climate Lobby (I’m a member) and includes many features that should be near and dear to conservatives: it lets the marketplace decide the future by putting a price on greenhouse gases to stimulate alternatives to fossil fuels; it creates millions of jobs as we transition to a green economy; it levels the global playing field with a border adjustment that adds to the prices of goods from countries that aren’t working to reduce pollution; and it’s revenue-neutral, returning the proceeds of the carbon tax to all Americans as a monthly dividend which, for most families, will exceed the increase in cost of fossil-fuel-based products.

 Read the article at Bloomberg News, take a look at the EICDA website, and get behind the legislation. Let your member of Congress and Senators Casey and (especially) Toomey know that you support quick action to pass and implement EICDA.

Bruce Cooper

Group leader

Slippery Rock Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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