Support fight against drugs through Braveheart

Editor, The News:

The drug crisis has effected many of our family members, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances not only citywide, statewide, but also worldwide.

Realizing the toll that drugs have on marriages, children, one’s employment and an individual’s wellness, it is hard to ignore the challenge that stands before all of us. Many feel a need to help but may not know of an avenue that can make a difference.

Three years ago I was made aware of a program called “Braveheart” by Vision Ministries. At a purely accidental encounter, I was reacquainted with Pastor Randy Crum. He asked if I could help in a program affecting those addicted and fighting a crisis that has overwhelmed many. On  April 7, at the New Englander on Wilmington Road, the third annual Braveheart Testimonial Dinner will take place. It is an afternoon that recognizes and honors individuals who with the grace of God, have battled the disease of addiction and won.

This program lends itself to help a serious epidemic facing all of us today. I have found the people involved such as Randy and Jan Crum, Vaughn and Vicki Crisci, Dan and Terri Bailey, Ricky and Brenda Sumner and Michael DeLeon, a former addict and now founder of “Steered Straight”, as well as many others, care about people and these struggles. I am proud of the supporters, businesses and participants who have reached out to help this cause. The fact that some of the supporters have lost loved ones to this crisis and have reached out to help is a credit to their caring.

As a New Castle native, my heart is touched and I am proud of my hometown and those who have given of themselves to help. I would encourage you also to reach out, participate, and help a cause that cares and is making a difference.

Jack Zduriencik


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