Store fails to appreciate customer honesty

Editor, The News:

My wife and I went to Ollie’s the other day and saw a patio set that caught her eye, so we found two male employees to bring them to the front entrance and load them into my truck. They were both very helpful and polite. In the meantime, my wife was checking out.

When we got home she was checking the receipt and noticed that we were charged for all of our purchases except for the patio table. She immediately called the store, talked to the cashier and told her about the error on the bill, and told her that we wanted to make it right. She told us to bring back the receipt along with the model number  of the table. When we got back to the store she paid the $74.95 plus  tax for the table and that was that.

The thing that seemed odd to us was that  nothing was said about how uncommon it was for us to call them and agree to come back and pay them approximately $80 that wasn’t entered on the receipt, nor acknowledge our honesty.

I realize that we were only doing “the right thing,” but many other customers might have thought “Oh well, that’s their problem not mine. Too bad!”

I’m glad that we were taught that honesty is the best policy and that it’s never wrong to do the right thing.

The questions we ask ourselves about the whole situation, though, are these:

Number one: Is this behavior by the cashier a lack of training in customer service at Ollie’s as a whole?

Or, number two, is common courtesy not being taught in our schools anymore or is it just not necessary to say “thank you?”

Just wondering.

Jim and Beverly DeSantis

Neshannock Township

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