Sports section should have more local coverage

Editor, The News:

I personally feel that our sports department has really let down our local softball and baseball players, their parents, and local fans by not publishing the state playoff scores of teams that knocked our local teams out of the playoffs

Naturally, those who were personally involved in the state playoffs would want to see how those teams who defeated them were doing in their quests for the state championships.

I think you can count the fingers on one hand of those who are interested in the tee times for the Open versus scores of teams that our local kids played against.

Two columns, full page, of golf are certainly overkill and really shows a lack of respect for our local players, parents and devoted fans.

If the Pittsburgh papers can pick up the scores of the softball and baseball playoffs, Iā€™m sure our local sports writers could also.

Provide more sports coverage of local and state interest and less from national press wire coverage that the vast majority of the local readers have little or no interest in.

Two columns of one-day tee times is an easy way out just to fill space on the sports pages.

We pay to purchase the New Castle News and deserve better.

Russell Ridenbaugh

New Cstle

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