Social media does more harm than good

Editor, The News:

Conversation is dead. It has been replaced by texts, Facebook and other apps where you can leave messages.

There are many good points where you can leave needed messages or texts. It helps me in a business. Gamers can have fun as well trying to reach someone immediately.

However, the cons severely outweigh the good.

It allows us to make statements we would never say to a person eye to eye. We have created a world of hiders. This same audience will read and join groups that injure and kill others for no good reason. If they are believers, we have severally mentally ill folks and we, too, are in that bucket in some form. Often finding motive is not easily available in medical science today.

The platforms available encourage narcissism that gives the person their Andy Worhol 15 minutes of fame. Of course, these same people wait with bated breath to discover who likes them. Their emotions are hurt if you don’t, and so the rumor mill starts in cycles.

Another annoyance are political bloggers with altered photos and mean statements. I call this group the headline readers because they never read to the end or even understand what is written.

Other persons drive like they are drunk trying to text and talk, not even considering potential death by accident. I would, in my opinion, have all phones in the driver’s position shut down when the car starts and the only exception would be emergencies for police, fire, but little else.

The best is watching whole groups in restaurants or other gathering places scrolling down their phones and sending messages or photos, but nary a word. YouTube has funny photos of people on their phones running into walls, falling in fountains and holes.

Laugh! I do!

Bruce Waldman

New Castle

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