Safety precautions should be extended to guns

Editor, The News,

Because many unrestricted facets of life pose danger, it’s wise to have laws that regulate people and objects.

For example, citizens acknowledge that common sense restrictions applied to possessions like cars, pools and medications curb tragedies, yet many ignore data that show more Americans die each year from avoidable gun violence. Consequently, Second Amendment rights do not absolve responsibility to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The argument that America has a people problem, not a gun problem, ignores the reality that precautions prevent unnecessary deaths. For instance, pills pose overdose danger, so parents insisted on safety caps. Swimming pools pose a drowning danger, so codes require fences around attractive nuisances. Cars, like guns, don’t kill people, yet restrictions like speed limits and revoked licenses save lives. In 1994, government regulated large capacity magazines, and gun massacres dropped. Still, politicians and the NRA who lobbies them refuse to restrict civilian access to weapons designed to kill masses in moments.

While mental instability is a component of the gun debate, the GOP places disingenuous blame on the mentally ill. The president and conservative politicians worked to repeal the ACA that provided mental health care coverage. Also, Trump rescinded Obama’s executive order after Sandy Hook to keep guns out of the hands of emotionally disturbed people and allowed them legally to access military style weapons again.

The immoral practice of supporting politicians who step over dead children’s bodies to collect NRA money, coupled with the NRA’s threat that “Any action would anger his (Trump’s) base,” demonstrate that greed and power matter more than protecting American lives.

While the Second Amendment allows Americans to amass arsenals, it’s self-destructive to believe that military weapons with the capacity to rip through 25 bodies in 30 seconds have a legitimate purpose in civilian hands.

Ann Antognoli

New Castle

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