Research should be exempted from word limit

Editor, The News:

I do a lot of research and try to write 100 percent truth, habitually telling the truth account of what happened.

This is the reason for writing letters with theosophy aimed at direct knowledge of God and contemplation — a lot of work with research.

But to cut off on a subject — Seventh Day Adventists — absurd. All I was trying to do was explain the big difference in Christianity.

The Old Testament Jewish Law about the Sabbath (Saturday) and the Christian Day of Sunday the Lord’s Day (N.T.) started in 107 A.D. with the celebration on Sunday with the Eucharist.

Also on the first day, God changed darkness and made the world on which Christ rose for the dead. The first Christians did not regard the first day of the week as a substitute for the Jewish Sabbath.

Now we move along.

Catholic Church, 1.4 billion members; 435 different Protestant churches, every Sunday the personal interpretation of the Bible. Catholic means universal, same reading all over the world. Russia, China, Europe — the same words, not 435 different words.

I better close because I’ll keep under 300 words.

Peter Panella

New Castle

(Editor’s note: The writer was asked to resubmit a previous letter because it exceeded the word length for letters to the editor.)

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