Republicans spend on

everything except on

people who need help

Editor, The News:

On March 12, 2019, I read the letter to the editor, titled, “Others get wall, why can’t we,” written by Lee Winter.

He says our government is funding border walls in Europe and the Middle East. “Imagine that.”

He asks, can you explain the logic behind this.

Yes, that’s how Haliburton, Bechtal, Black Water and all of the U.S. contractors make “billions of U.S. dollars,” just like they did in Bush’s Iraq war that cost us over “$7 trillion.”

Mr. Winter said the Democrats control the Congress. The Congress is not controlled by Democrats, only the H.O.R.

Hopefully, we’ll toss some of the older Republicans who limit change and vote some younger, progressive Democrats in 2020 to regain control of the Senate.

On the front page of this same newspaper, President Trump proposed a record “$4.7 trillion budget,” pushing the federal deficit past “$1 trillion.” Who’s going to pay for this, the billionaires and millionaires. “Imagine that.”

His budget slashes “$2 trillion” in health care and economic support programs for the poor that Democrats and some Republicans will oppose.

As medical insurance and medicine skyrocket, whatever happened to Donny’s health care plan that was better and cheaper than Obamacare?

Instead of his wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, Trump should be repairing our crumbling infrastructure, interstates, roads, bridges, airports, waterways and ports.

These Republicans deal in trillions of our U.S. dollars like it’s pocket change, while 43 million people in our country are living under the poverty level.

There is no more middle class, just billionaires, millionaires and us.

David P. Gaibis Sr.

Ellwood City

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