Republicans love gun laws; voting law, not so much

Why do Republicans keep debating themselves to the level of being jesters in Donald Trump’s clown car?

Where’s the great defender of the Bill of Rights, the National Rifle Association, on the Republicans’ widespread voter suppression and President Trump’s attempt to overturn the election by having millions of votes thrown out?

Congressman Mike Kelly said that voting by mail is unconstitutional (He filed a lawsuit against the state). OK, then why isn’t buying guns through the mail (internet sales) unconstitutional as well? Republicans believe that gun rights are sacrosanct, but voting rights can be subject to any type of manipulation, restrictions, regulations and outright nullification. 

Try applying the same actions to guns and see what happens — Wayne LaPierre and his minions would become unhinged. Recently, gun owners filed suit against the Pennsylvania over a proposed bill in the legislature that would require a photo ID to buy ammunition. They claimed it would be an “undue burden” on gun owners. Well then, how come having to show a photo ID at the polls isn’t an “undue burden” on voters? You catch my drift?

In Georgia, the Republican-dominated legislature purged several hundred thousands of voters from the voting rolls. Here’s my solution to this egregious suppression — any citizen removed from a voter roll must also have their names removed from the property tax list. Let’s see how gung-ho Republicans would be for “purges” if this was law. If you have to pay taxes, but can’t vote, isn’t that “taxation without representation”? Isn’t that unconstitutional?

Robert Zbegan

Shenango Township

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