Republicans have no

business being proud

of themselves

Editor, The News:

In response to the letter about the Democrats have a lot to be proud of, how right you are proud not to be Republican.

Republican leaders don’t care about life, only power. To get votes they need to stay in control; they exploit an issue that costs them nothing: abortion. Forcing women to have babies while ensuring the state pays for no associated expenses is a win-win for them. You talk about killing babies and not talk about the poor people dying from the neglect of this Republican leadership in this pandemic, but I guess holding up cans of beans in the White House makes you a proud Republican.

This doesn’t surprise one bit, though, because it’s always a deflection from the real truth going on. Republicans are a failure in every way, so don’t play the moral high road and bring up abortion. Let’s not forget the 140,000 deaths so far and the Republicans won’t ever say the mistakes they have made.

You can bash the Democrats all you want, but a proud Republican sits in the White House. Come November, this proud Democrat will do his best to help clean the swamp.

James Cherozzi

New Castle

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