Editor, The News:

Without getting into the ridiculousness of present-day partisan politics, look into the repercussions of the upcoming election.

Even a little attention to national politics over the last few years shows us the two parties have very opposite ideas on the future of America.

On the one hand the National Republican Party, controlled by right-wing conservatives with their money have a definite goal that’s plain to see.

Power in our country should be controlled by the wealthy for their benefit; they’ll share with the rest of us what they will. It won’t be much. Trickle down economics at its best.

The thought that their constituents should dish out taxes to help the less fortunate seems to be repugnant to them. The money and propaganda behind their message resonates with many who will be devastated by their desired outcome.

I only hope they realize the consequences before its too late. When you cast a vote for this party in November you’re casting a vote to repeal the safety net painstakingly created for America over the years.

Its stated goal is to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protections, workplace protections and any other programs that help us cope in our complex society.

On the other hand, most Democrats espouse the belief that government represents all American citizens and is willing to at least try and solve the many problems facing us. They don’t always get it right, but they at least try to consider everyone’s interest in the future of our country.

Money is pouring in to advance the conservative agenda by the haves but the votes are with the vast majority of Americans whose well-being is at risk. We must put the interest of all Americans before the interest of the few.

Fred Minteer

Minteer Lane


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