Rapists should not get

plea bargains

Editor, The News:

Prosecutors just don’t get it.

Sure, the public understands that trials are expensive, time consuming. The difficulties of presenting evidence to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt are behind the reasoning for plea bargaining in order to avoid acquittal for a wrongdoer, verses the risk of the evidence falling short in getting a guilty verdict, setting the accused free to roam the streets.

An article by Keith Gushard in the May 24, 2019, edition of The Meadville Tribune — “Area man accused of rape pleads guilty to lesser charges” — illustrates the shortfalls in our system of justice, Here, the felony counts of rape, involuntary deviate intercourse, aggravated indecent assault and sexual assault are to be dropped. In exchange, the accused will serve 21/2 to 5 years in prison having pled guilty to misdemeanors for indecent assault charges. This man will again be out in the public.

My point is further illustrated in the New Castle News Feb. 19, 2019, story “Man pleads guilty to Ohio teen’s murder,”  where the prosecutor agreed with the killer’s version of why he kidnapped, raped and murdered a 13-year-old due to the accused’s use of an unprecedented amount of crystal methamphetamine. What was hidden in the story and not given any attention whatsoever was the fact that the accused was previously a “convicted rapist and registered sex offender.”

Prosecutors and our legal system must get real and recognize the obvious when rape is involved. Steps must be taken to impose penalties to assure rapists do not strike again. Castration may be a thought but dropping a rape charge completely, giving the rapist a future blank check, is bothersome.

 My book “RAPE The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth, SO HELP! spells out what our legal system should do to prevent rapists from again raping and destroying another innocent person’s life.

Harry A. Flannery

New Castle

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