Racism accusations against Trump ring false

Editor, The News:

First, they all said “collusion,” then it was “manufactured crisis” at the border. Now it is racism.

More African Americans are working and owning a business and are better off now in 2 1/2 years of a “racist” than in eight years of Obama, Biden, Clinton and Pelosi.

Do the white, multi-millionaire socialists running for president really care about poor blacks? How many of them live in multi-racial neighbors and send their kids to multi-racial schools? How many live in rich, all-white or gated communities, like Pelosi?

The rich white mayors and council members of large cities care more about illegal immigrants than they black population in their cities, giving them free insurance and education and protecting them from ICE in sanctuary cities.

If Trump were removed from office, Pence would be president. If he didn’t talk or act like Trump, and if he is not a racist, would that matter? Of course not. The new battle cry would be “Hate Mike Pence, he’s just like Trump. No, wait — he’s worse. Hate him more.”

It’s really not about racism; that’s just to gain votes. Bush, Santorum, Trump, Justice Kavanaugh are all hated because the oppose gay marriage and abortion.

The networks, papers, talk shows and the role models in Hollywood will show even more hatred, violence and vulgarity while telling everyone how loving, peaceful and tolerant they are.

Frank Mastrangelo

New Castle

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