Proposed changes aren’t

the answer for city

Editor, The News:

I cannot bring myself to vote for this home rule charter. You are asking me to let you raise my income taxes to whatever you want. That’s not right.

You want to get rid of parking meters that bring in $20,000, but you want to retain the employees. Move them to another department so we the taxpayers are still paying them. That’s not right.

You want to spend $500,000 on the courthouse yard, but we’re distressed. That’s not right.

I didn’t do any research on this receivership, but I did read no tax increase. Maybe they’ll come in and make the tough decisions that need to be made around here.

I’d also like to comment on the statement of Mr. Fulkerson, that we get all the benefits of working in the city. The only benefit I see is improving your driving skills by dodging potholes.

Lee Vernino

New Castle

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