People who obey rules have right to protection

Editor, The News:

Birth is the beginning of life, our genesis, creation and existence.

The avenues, course and pathways are laid before us. The keeper of the stars gave us a mind and free will. We make choices throughout the years of our presence. At times, the challenges can become overwhelming.

Sadly, some will surrender and leave the lanes of success. That ones who remain will acquire, procure and achieve their goals. At this point, I would like to direct my focus on the ones who surrender.

Mind you, not all of this group will follow the paths of destruction or devastation. Some choose the off-beat path and graduate into the life of lawlessness. Some, at times, become extremely dangerous. Their lifestyles are an expression of illegitimacy, disobedience and noncompliance. A number of these individuals will receive their diploma into the state or federal penal systems.

Malevolence, brutality, savagery and ruthlessness will be their expression. Child molestation, rape and murder are the results of their actions.

Yes, they are jailed for their behavior and removed from society. After a number of years of incarceration, a parole board consisting of libertarians lacking common sense reviews the inmates’ behaviors and actions while behind bars. Their decision to release impels a danger on humanity.

The people of the county are the latest victims of a parole board decision. A family has lost a child to the ferocious rage of a dangerous parolee. So much for prison reform.

Enough is enough. We the people who obey the rules have the right to protection. The evil have chosen their lifestyles. Let them do the time and let them live with it.

Dan Martwinski

New Castle

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