Our divisions are more

serious than polarization

Editor, The News:

We are not in a political condition where our divisions are captured in the concept of polarization, even though our commentators picture our divisions that way.

It is true that the Republican Party has moved markedly toward their pole. On the other hand, the Democratic Party has slightly shifted from a centrist-to-left stance to recovering a commitment to old social support programs such as Social Security. So only within that picture, has partial polarization occurred.

An entirely new movement has emerged under the leadership of President Trump and condoned by most of the old Republican Party. From what President Trump says and does the accurate descriptor for that movement is white nationalism.

Nations and groups of people of color are categorically declared to be grossly inferior contrasted to white Scandinavian types.

This new white nationalist movement is a radical departure from the normal historic emphases of the two parties. It is a new limb shooting off the old political tree.

It follows that the concept of polarization does not begin to capture the nature of our divisions. To employ the name white nationalism is not name-calling: it names the attack on our free institutions. It is an attack, which must be stopped before we move even further toward authoritarianism.

David Gray

New Wilmington

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