Others get walls;

why don’t we?

Editor, The News:

This morning I heard on WKST that the U.S. government, our government, is funding the building of border walls in several countries in Europe and the Middle East. Imagine that!

We, our congressional representatives, in their infinite wisdom, see fit to help other countries protect their citizens from Illegal invasion of unwanted aliens, but can not bring themselves to do the same for their constituents, U.S. Can anyone explain the logic behind this? Is it that we Americans are not worth protecting from illegal aliens, or that we are so stupid that we won’t remember long enough to toss them out of office at the next election.

Yes, I know, this Congress is controlled by the Democrats and the Senate has a lot of sympathizers, but come on gang, put away your disappointment that your candidate was outvoted, that there was a lot of people who were tired of your politics and thought that we needed a change. Let’s protect our own country, you know, like you wanted to do several administrations ago. Why was it so important then, and not now?

Look on the bright side — we have high employment, our taxes are lower. We haven’t had it this good for a couple of administrations. Yes I know, we’re spending ourselves toward bankruptcy. What else is new? We been doing that for years. It’s not Trump’s fault. We request too many perks.

Let’s build the wall and protect ourselves, then cull out the Congress.

Lee Winter

New Castle

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