Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the Black American slaves in 19863. In 1965, 102 years later, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson had to sign the Civil Rights Act. The southern states and local police could no longer beat Black civil rights protesters on the head with clubs, use high-pressure fire hoses and canine attack dogs. African-Americans could now sit anywhere on a bus, eat at a lunch counter at any cafe, drink water at any fountain just like us white folks.

In 1967, The Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Tennessee. going around America peacefully educating the public on the definitions of the U.S. Constitution and the guaranteed Bill of Rights for all American citizens. 

In 2021, 55 years later, the John Lewis Voting Bill is up for debate and vote in Congress. Why are these 168-year-old civil rights and right to vote still an issue in our America? 

As hard as some white people and the Republican party are trying, you can’t erase American history in 2021. Whoever is responsible for these anti-democracy, dictatorial, dangerous demands has to be made accountable in 2022 and 2024 and voted out of office to save our freedoms of our democracy. 

In my 61 years of voting, I’ve always said the only thing that scares a politician is a vote, especially when a lot of people wake up and start to vote like they did in the 2020 election. Pennsylvania Democrats, don’t let the Republican-controlled state government take the right to vote away from you and steal the election in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general elections. 

David Gaibis

New Castle

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