Editor, The News:

A few weeks ago, my wife’s car was hit in downtown New Castle, sustaining $5,500 in damage. The perpetrator fled the scene.

Thankfully a good Samaritan witnessed the act and identified the person responsible.

When the New Castle police officer who responded to the accident called us the following day, I asked if the person responsible was being cited for leaving the scene. He said (to paraphrase), no; he wasn’t a jerk about it.

A few weeks after this incident, I was performing with a band in downtown New Castle. This was a day after the recent snowstorm, and due to the snow being piled along the street, short of blocking an entire lane, there was nowhere to pull over to unload my vehicle.

The establishment’s manager told me to pull up on the sidewalk.

I put my flashers on, and moved the vehicle after I unloaded (10 to 12 minutes).

As I was about to move my car, a New Castle police officer pulled up behind me.

I then proceeded to legally park the vehicle. The officer followed me and asked why I parked on the sidewalk. I proceeded to explain that I was unloading, the manager advised that I do it that way and that I was now parking my car. I was told that was not an excuse and was awarded a $25 ticket.

So let’s evaluate: Someone leaves a bar, causes $5,500 damage to a parked car and flees the scene, to be not cited. I park on the sidewalk for 10 minutes to unload the tools of my trade in order to do my job, and I do get cited.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Sam Orrico

New Castle

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