Editor, The News:

This concerns the Neshannock Township supervisors’ decision to remove David Congini as emergency management coordinator.

This is an unpaid position that Congini has held for eight years, in addition to positions of public safety administrator, local level instructor with the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and firefighter/EMT, captain and safety officer of the Neshannock Township Fire Department.

Congini holds an associate degree in fire science administration, has authored two professional magazine articles and has been interviewed on, and appeared in, a televised documentary about the benefits of using the FIT-5, a newer fire suppression device.

He can be credited with successfully writing multiple requests to government entities, which resulted in receipt of grant money used to update Neshannock Township’s capabilities to respond to catastrophic events.

The township was able to purchase two military water buffalos to provide clean water, two emergency lighting generators, a trench rescue truck and one military truck.

It is widely known that since Sept. 11, first responders have worked tirelessly to improve the way they react to catastrophic events.

The Neshannock Township supervisors obviously felt comfortable in arbitrarily determining that the emergency management coordinator position would be better held by a police officer of their choosing.

This unanticipated decision did not follow any performance reviews or evaluations. Nor did they even have the common courtesy to inform David that he was being replaced.

However, one should not be surprised by an abrupt and unjustified decision by the Neshannock Township supervisors. Those are becoming regular practice.

Will the new emergency management coordinator be adequately trained, prepared and equipped? Are the supervisors thoroughly considering who is best suited to hold this position, or has the role of supervisor become more of an ego-driven position best used to arbitrarily award positions and roles to friends and family?

John Congini

Marigny Avenue

New Albany, Ohio

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