Mueller testimony crushes Democrats’ hopes

Editor, The News:

Take THAT, Anti-Trumpers!

Americans have been told now for over two years about the greatness of attorney Robert Mueller who was named to head the investigation into the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and President Trump’s ties to the Kremlin. According to leading Democrat leaders, the Mueller Report would put an end to the Trump presidency, and impeachment would be the end result due to corruption and collusion within that administration.

So, what happened after Mr. Mueller testified before Congress on 24 July 2019?

The ruse is up! Mr. Mueller clearly demonstrated his incompetency before Congress, the mass media, and the people of this country. There were numerous examples of his lack of knowledge of his own report. Some even say that he did not write the report at all because of his lack of knowledge of key factors that were the grounds to start the investigation. For example, Mueller did not even know what Fusion GPS was or the importance in securing four FISA warrants that started the investigation to begin with. At times, his speech was mumbled or incoherent and he failed to appropriately answer many questions.

Without doubt, the Democrats only have one hope now for any success in the 2020 elections: Drop The Trump Conspiracy Garbage! But, can that happen now after guaranteeing the American public that the Mueller report would bring the Trump presidency to its knees. Just the opposite has happened now, and President Trump has more support after the Mueller testimony than ever before!

The candidates running for the 2020 Democratic nomination must make a decision. Should they continue to bash President Trump and expect to win the Democratic nomination or should they try something else? Whatever they decide will make for a fun campaign against the most successful president in American history.

Russ Hall

New Castle

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