Mueller Report supports president; we should, too

Editor, The News:

In the May 17, edition of The News a writer wanted “to be clear” about the Mueller Report. But in his efforts “to be clear” he failed to mention the report found absolutely no collusion between President Trump and his staff and Russia. He also failed to report there was no evidence the Russians changed even one vote at any precinct in the entire United States.

The writer seemed to hold out great hope that “ongoing obstructive investigations” would prove the president had defied the Constitution. It is simply irrational to expect that investigations held by Congressmen Nadler, Schiff and Cummings would discover anything that Special Prosecutor Mueller hasn’t already included in his report. Consider that Mr. Mueller had 19 lawyers and nearly 40 FBI investigators and staff working for 22 months in order to produce his report.

They issued 2800 subpoenas, executed 500 search warrants and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses. If President Trump or his staff had committed any crime at all in any way, they would have found it and prominently announced it in the report.

We can all agree with the writer’s assertion “the intelligent American public loves our country.” The way to express that love is to support President Trump in his efforts to solve the out of control illegal immigrant problem, to continue to keep the economy booming and to make trade deals more favorable to the United States.

One person that is in a direct position to reflect our support for President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the American people is Congressman Mike Kelly. It is vital that he be re-elected along with President Trump in 2020 to help keep America on the right track.

Lew Grell


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