More should follow Mahoning man’s service example

Editor, The News:

Wednesday, April 3, changed my attitude of the ctizens of our local area. Mr. Ron Richman of Edinburgh deserves a big hand — not clapping — picking up trash along our roads, like he is doing. Yea for you, Ron!

Last fall, we traveled to Colorado to visit with our son. On the way back, we decided to get away from the interstates and take the “blue roads”. Traveling through the Midwest we were struck by the cleanliness of the roadways. My wife, Sherri, commented about this continually until we got into mid-Ohio, where trash started showing up.From there, it was downhill.

What is wrong with the people who live and travel through our lovely country side? I often wonder what the inside of their homes look like. I used to raise pigs, they were cleaner than the picture I get of the people who trash our highways.

Hopefully, Ron Richman’s example will make an impression on the “good people “ of our area and together they will be able to keep ahead of the “trashers.”

Good luck, Ron, and keep up the great work.

Lee S. Winter

New Castle

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