Editor, The News:

American voters made an extraordinary loud statement on Nov. 2: Stop.

Cut spending, lower taxes, create an atmosphere conducive to job creation and repeal this monstrosity of an Obamacare health bill.

More than 60 Democrats in the House got the boot because they followed the progressives and President Obama in lock step.

Obama’s policy was rejected by the voters on Nov. 2, but the progressives who have taken over the Democratic Party just don’t get it. But they will in two years.

This “change” now will be taken up by new faces in Congress, but with a slight word replacement. Obama’s mantra of “change we can believe in” will now be “change I can believe in.” The difference is the word “we.”

Voters must return this country back to the individual, as outlined in the Constitution. That means smaller federal government, states’ rights and belief that government should work for the people — not a bigger government.

The “we” Obama believes in is a socialistic society that replaces individual freedoms with a government that will take care of you all your lives. Individual responsibilities will no longer be necessary because the government will do what is best for you.

Forget personal initiative. That will be a government function under the Obama plan.

Are we ready for this transformation of our country? Voters in the 2010 election answered that with a resounding no.

The clean house mantra of the conservative movement has begun. It will take two or three more elections to get it done. In the meantime, it will be a life-or-death struggle for progressives. And they will not go quietly.

A movement that started more than 100 years ago is at the apex of its goals. This is it. Transform American now or forever hold your peace.

Russ Hall

West Wabash Avenue

New Castle

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