Media ignore Biden scandal

The mass media in America is now controlling what the American people can read, see, and hear as we approach the 2020 Presidential election. Last week, the NY Post newspaper broke the story of the mass corruption taking place by this Biden family with regards to millions of dollars in kickbacks from China and Ukraine to buy influence with the then VP Joe Biden and now, with Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. The monies were funneled through Joe’s son, Hunter, who distributed the millions to up to 10 Biden family recipients.

Did you hear or read anything about this since the story broke last Wednesday, October 14? Over the past time since the story broke the video/audio mass media has had 5,520 minutes of “news” sent out over TV and radio airwaves. Only 10 minutes of that total made any mention of the Biden scandal. Little, if any, mention of the scandal has appeared in newspapers across this nation. Facebook and Twitter blocked all attempts to put this “Post” story on its’ platforms. In other words, the American public is being censored by Big Tech and the Oligarchs of America supporting the election of Joe Biden to become President. Last week’s duel TV debates also demonstrated the bias of the moderators and Biden was not asked any question on air about the Biden scandal story.

It is time for America to wake up and DEMAND that this censorship of information be stopped! President Ronald Reagan said, in essence, that “we are only one generation away from losing our Constitutional Freedoms.” That generation is NOW!… It is “US”!

Will we accept a corrupt politician like Biden to become President or demand accountability before the election?

Russ Hall

New Castle

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