Mayor right in appealing Dollar General decision

Editor, The News:

Mayor Mastrangelo is doing the right thing. He is backed by neighborhood residents and the ordinance - 1321.06. (b) Protect the integrity of existing residential areas.

The Our Opinion by The News did not mention the residents who filled city hall — all opposing a Dollar Store in their residential neighborhood. City council is required to protect “established residential zones” in the ordinance. Also not addressed —  a commercial overlay placed on Highland Avenue permitting more development, stores, etc. to the residential zone and Historic District.

New Castle’s “Asset” is it’s historic district and any member of city council who wants to drive a bulldozer through Highland Avenue would create a domino effect of destruction to the historic district and residential quality of life. With empty buildings in commercial established zones all over the city it is ludicrous to even consider ruining a residential zone and historic district.

New Castle does not need leaders who are making senseless desperate moves. Short-sighted leaders grab on to anything that is dangled in front of them which reveals thoughtless plans that lead to unstable neighborhoods and residents who fear is my neighborhood next? We need to stabilize neighborhoods with a secure residential quality of life, not strip it in desperation.

The News is calling on the mayor to drop the appeal. They say the mayor is wasting tax dollars. However, the mayor should never have had to appeal because city council is at fault for not following the ordinance. City council can now rescind their vote and no tax dollars will be spent on an appeal.

Audrey Przybylski

New Castle

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