Liberty can be hard to achieve, but blessings are many

Editor, The News:

From Biblical times onward, the history of liberty and progress among various peoples seem to have followed a similar pattern.

At some point in their history, all peoples seem to have existed in some form of bondage.

Fortunately, records show that people can regain their faith, understanding and courage.

They can again become persons and citizens who are responsible for their own welfare. They can be their own intelligent actions, regain their liberty any time they want.

Liberty is a relationship among persons wherein no person causes harm to any other peaceful person in his ideas, possessions or actions.

It is the responsibility one assumes for himself/herself and recognizes in all others. It is important to know that liberty has never existed completely among any people at any time.

Where it has existed to a high degree, the freedom to work, trade, choose, win, lose and bargain has always meant abundance was available.

Angelo and Donna E. Pezzuolo


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