Letter writers’ Trump

criticism not based in fact

Editor, The News, 

On Aug. 14, 15 and a few days later, The News printed three anti-President Trump letters. The first letter implied that President Trump and his supporters are anti-American but they did not provide any specific incidents to support the charge.

The second letter quoted Martin Neimoller’s famous poem about the Nazi party coming after different groups while others stood by; yet failed to see the irony that the Socialist left of the Democrat party is the one coming after us. 

The third letter implored us to write to our senators and urge them to impeach President Trump.

These letters lack any constitutional reason to impeach our president. They do not indicate what the Socialist left would do if they were able to replace President Trump. Maybe it is because they know the voters of Lawrence County are too savvy to want open borders, Medicare for all — including the illegal immigrants, free college tuition, the green new deal and other Socialist ideals.

Surely, it is not because President Trump signed into law the largest tax cut in American history; erased thousands of anti-business regulations that were suffocating American business; presided over an economy that created over 4.5 million jobs in 2 1/2 years and lowered unemployment to under 4 percent; enforced existing illegal immigration law despite opposition by the Democrats; appointed 150 Constitutionalist federal judges; created the Veterans Choice Program; forced NATO nations to pay their share; ordered federal agencies to end bias against Christians; instituted prison reform that has resulted in freedom for reformed prisoners; and declared a National Public Health Emergency on opioids.

I could go on and on about the accomplishments of President Trump, none of which are anti-American, that make calls for his impeachment sound like a lonely Coyote wailing in the night.

Lew Grell


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