Editor, the News:

Anyone who heard Barack Obama’s inauguration speech will have to admit that it was moving.

I cannot recall ever hearing a better speech so eloquently delivered, making points every American, regardless of party, could agree with. If his words are sincere, and I hope they are, he will not be remembered as the first African-American president, but as one of the best presidents this country has ever known.

He spoke of the fact that “all deserve the opportunity to pursue their full measure of happiness,” and spoke of terrorists who pursue the slaughter of innocents, stating, “we will defeat you.”

Those of us who see at-will abortion as the greatest evil in this country since slavery hope that he will heed his own words and work to end the slaughter of innocents, and allow unborn children the opportunity to pursue their full measure of happiness as well.

Our country can and will be great again if we could simply end the idea that life is of little value. People must be put above convenience and monetary gain.

The fact that a child has not yet filled his lungs with air does not mean that he is not alive.

John Altman

New Castle

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