Shenango Township and its inspector have been requiring payment to be made for inspection that was not required by the Uniform Construction Code and there is no ordinance requiring the inspection when they are exempt from the UCC. When I questioned Supervisor Albert Burick II on July 26, 2016, as to why I was required to pay the inspector $254 for a picnic shelter that was less than 1,000 square feet, he would not answer and no one else would give me an answer for six months. 

Shenango Township gave no choice on what inspector to use, if an inspection was required nor did they have the rates posted. What is the point of a third party when they are controlled by township?

For over three years, I have tried to have Burick retract his statement. Being that my property was considered as commercial, I was unable to build a residential garage and had to purchase different property in a different municipality which cost me several thousand dollars extra. Now they are receiving the tax money and Shenango Township is not.

I have a letter from the Department of Labor and Industry dated October 30, 2018, and in the letter the inspector stated it was a mistake and he refunded part of the money. The department fails to understand why the full fee was not returned. As of today, April 20, I still have not received the refund.

Over the years, Shenango Township has cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees with their rules that they keep changing.

If they have done this to me how many other property owners have they done it to also?

Charles Johnson

Shenango Township

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