Please accept our most sincere appreciation on behalf of the “Oneness” Women’s Committee for the outstanding article sharing the message of the “Women’s Dinner” written by Dan Irwin and recently printed in the New Castle News.

The event, celebrated by 58 women in attendance was a night of friendship, warmth, communication and outstanding food!

In the picture, featuring our honored guest speaker Simonae Lyles, flames a single candle. As the women took a moment to give thanks for food, friendship and “Oneness,” this candle was lit with the words “let us now light this candle of understanding, friendship and unity, and may it continue to blaze in our hearts long after this night.”

A very special thank-you to the wonderful committee women who worked tirelessly to create this most memorable event: Lalita Prabhu, Mitzila Hogans, Marilou Scheidemantle, Bobbi Bailey and Barb Harper. Thank you also to our additional table facilitators: Anita McKeever, Marilou Scheidemantle, Angela Urban and Pastor Lori Ghering-Burick.

A most grateful thank you to Kim Koller-Jones and the Hoyt Center for the Arts for welcoming us into the beautifully decorated rooms of Hoyt West; to Cialella and Carney florists for the the centerpieces; and to Phil Gallo of The Italian Villa.

As the evening shared the gift of “Oneness”, all agreed unity begins with friendship and communication.

Michele Perelman

New Castle

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