The wisdom expressed by the security guard recently at a governmental office was so true, so deep, so penetrating and righteous as to discipline needed in raising children, it’s worth further reflection.

The virtues that he conveyed as to the discipline of his children made all of us reflect as we sat and listened and waited our turn to have our concerns addressed by the governmental agency.

When children do wrong, are disrespectful, bully others, the action he would take was immediate and direct. If spanking was called for, it occurred and the children, as a result, over time were respectful to and of their parents, excelled in school and are on the road of success and good citizenship. These were the results of his parenting as he conveyed his thoughts to us.

The families who do not correct or discipline their children in an appropriate, meaningful understanding way may find themselves with lasting issues as to their children’s future.

Reading to children, limiting and monitoring what they watch on the internet, use of iPhones are so important in protecting the formative minds of our young. Parents who feel handcuffed and refrain from the discipline of the ‘50s and ‘60s are doing their children no favors.

The insensitivity of the violent acts appearing in the news media, daily, is a frightening reflection of the failures of parents to be parents in the formative years of raising their young.

Further, I would be remiss in not adding to the mix the need in our busy lives to not deprive ourselves and our children of “a real spiritual life.”

Harry A. Flannery

New Castle

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