They prosecuted the wrong person. My question is, what and for what reason would an educated, responsible parent allow a 17-year-old minor child that lives in Illinois to cross a state line into Wisconsin with an AR-15 automatic weapon and put him in harms way? Is this the new parental guidance?

“Now, here comes DA Wisconsin Judge.” This judge would not allow the three white BLM protesters to be called victims, but it was OK to call them looters and rioters. The judge also scolded the prosecutor for his line of questions to Rittenhouse, who is now an adult. These three white BLM protesters were not arrested or convicted for any crimes, so how can they be labeled as looters and rioters?

If you watch the video when Rittenhouse shot, killed and wounded these three men, they weren’t carrying a 52-inch flat screen TV and a blender. What groups funded Rittenhouse’s $2-million defense team?

For total public safety, where were the Kenosha police and National Guard when all this BLM protesting was going on?

If this not guilty vigilante verdict is a future reflection of things to come, our democracy, the American constitution, Bill of Rights for all and the rule of law is in deep trouble.

David P. Gaibis

New Castle

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