Life lessons to survive:

Hug as many people as you can. The length of the hug is equally important. Short ones are for show, but the longer ones indicate that you care about that person. If the other person hugs you back, you have created a good, solid relationship. Kisses work similarly. A brush to the cheek may be enough and make certain the other person’s bodily language is willing to accept the kiss. Love romantically like at a wedding or even waiting for the subway because you are seeing emotion that warms their hearts.

Eve contact is very important. The face of another person is a roadmap to everything you do, and that look in the eyes tell you how things are going. Veins from the forehead bulge sometimes, or redness of the skin reveal what to say or do next.

Smile as much as you can to everyone and you will be surprised at how many will smile back to you. A moment of happiness for you both. Don’t use text messages to spew your emotions. If you want to break up, do it face to face. Be clear and concise if you text to make others know how you feel and leave fighting or swear words out of it. That creates an immediate wall if you do and the recipient won’t read you really mean. Try your best to one small thing for another person you don’t know. I took a woman’s grocery basket to her car and unloaded it. She asked my name and I said anonymous, which she probably thought a Greek god!

Saying or writing “O love you” is the best. My two sons and brother never end anything without saying it. I know who really cares.

Bruce Waldman

Neshannock Township

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